What We Do

We strive to live like Jesus whom we profess to be the Son of God and our Savior and Lord.

To follow Jesus, or to be His disciple, means to live as He did. It is simple in concept, but there is more to it! So much more! It is an wondrous adventure!

We are reconstructing a church from the ground up. Its foundation is Jesus because the church is the body of Christ. It belongs to Him. He is the head of the church. The Bible, the Word of God, is the blueprint for our church.

The church exists in a culture as a witness to the Triune God and His work in Christ. In other words, we exist for God and for others just as much as for ourselves.

We are envisioning a church that is different from many others, and good ones at that, available in our culture today. In that respect, we are an experiment. The goal is the same: to seek deep and vibrant spirituality in Christ so that we may be found both faithful and fruitful.

What we are currently doing rather regularly and persistently is to pray. We are not trying to be different on our own. We are not creating a church with the innovation and ingenuity of "man's machinery." We want the resurrection power of God in our midst!

"We live in a day characterised by the multiplication of man's machinery and the diminution of God's power. The great cry of our day is work, work, work! Organise, organise, organise! Give us some new society! Tell us some new methods! Devise some new machinery! But the great need of our day is prayer, more prayer and better prayer."
- R.A. Torrey

Join us if you are seeking something different! Join us if you believe there is more! Join us if you are ready to pay the price of praying earnestly, fervently and desperately! Join us if you are willing to take a step of faith and go beyond what's comfortable and familiar. We are all learners, trying to learn from the Master what we are meant to be.

If you are interested, contact me at Jonathan[at]woodlandbrook.org. We can chat.